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Call the Plumber: 4 Warning Signs Your Drain is Clogged

Did you know that the average cost of water damage cleanup costs up to $7.00 a square foot? While water damage is expensive to clean up, you can prevent water damage in your home by making sure that you're taking care of your drains. But, how do you know if your...

DIY Toilet Repair: 10 Helpful Tips

Over 74% of Americans admit they use their phone on the toilet.  What happens when you don't have a working toilet to use a phone on? When are you going to find time in your own home to text some friends back or win a new high score on your favorite game? We know...

Water Damage: Causes, Complications, and Solutions

Water damage is one of the leading cause of home insurance claims. In fact, it costs the industry over $2.5 billion every year! Left untreated, it can lead to various problems, some of which can directly impact your wellbeing. That’s why it’s so important to fix it as...