Water damage can ruin your home. The worst part is that it’s really sneaky. You might not notice something is wrong until it’s already too late. It can also lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which will only make matters worse. Here is a look at four causes of water damage that you will probably encounter.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes can also burst. That sounds unpleasant already, doesn’t it? Heat can affect pipes just as badly. Right now in summer, you won’t have to worry about cold temperatures ruining your pipes. The thing is, pipes can spring a leak any time of year, and they are just as problematic. Backed up drains and toilets are sources of massive water damage if left unaddressed. Garbage disposals, if they aren’t functioning correctly, can also lead to pipe leaks and bursts, all of which result in water damage.


Now let’s talk about the gutters. Summer rainstorms can flood the gutters and overwhelm their ability to drain water away from your home. Gutters shouldn’t have holes in them, and they need to be cleaned out from time to time. If the runoff isn’t redirected away from your basement, then you could end up with a case of toxic mold buildup. Water damage can also chip off the paint on the siding and form mildew which is hard to get rid of without a lot of effort involved. Make sure the gutters are installed properly, and if they aren’t, then get them the attention that they need.


Finally, let’s talk about appliances. Dishwashers, washers, refrigerators, and any other appliance that depends on water can leak. Those leaks can lead to unexpected water damage, especially if you have hardwood flooring or other types of flooring that aren’t designed to withstand moisture.

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